The ultimate fat burning; physique toning; outdoor fitness program that’s fast and effective whilst being lots of fun. It will define your strength, unlock your flexibility and pump up your cardiovascular world!

For those of you who need some encouragement or who don’t know what happens at OUT-FIT training sessions, I thought it a good idea to write up on what to expect from classes.

First off, the good stuff- short-term results are:

• Each class can burn up too 600 calories;
• You will sleep better;
• Little aches and pains will heal;
• More energy through your day; and
• Your mood will improve.

Long-term effects:

• Your body will burn lots more calories even at rest (it’s called the After Burn);
• You will naturally start choosing to eat quality foods;
• You’ll feel and look tight toned & terrific because your body language will reflect confidence;
• It will inspire your loved ones to do the same. “Health breeds health”; and
• Your days will be more productive because you’ll be more centred.


Everything from transportation, your work space, your home, to the little hand held device in your palm with your head absorbed in it, is a box and once you start becoming aware of yourself you realise you’re stressed, over worked, out of shape, feeling old with niggling pains and frustrated with the reflection you see!!!

I put OUT-FIT together to counter the side effects of modern life, to get out and get fit means to get you out of the box so you can focus on the most important core of your world-YOU.

There are two principles that will change the way you will approach your health and fitness with OUT-FIT and that is the;
K.I.S.S: Keep it Simple & Smile Principle
S.A.I.D: Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands principle.

What does that mean?

Remember your childhood, when moving was easy and you learnt how to crawl, walk and run just by using simple steps, that you were not even aware of! That’s how simple and specific OUT-FIT sessions are.

“How’s that work?” – I hear you ask. Well, it’s a combination of addressing all the elements of health & fitness into your training program. We cover:

• Low to high intensity;
• Flexibility to mobility;
• Strength to endurance;
• Core strength to power.

To turn that all into powerful body movements that gives your whole body full development for mental & physical health.
Classes typically last 45 mins to an hour, building strength and aerobic capacity at the same time. Plus, with a dedicated Personal Coach and group of friends all getting their body in shape together, it’s easy to stay motivated and go for gold.

Here Are Our Top Tips For Classes-

• Arrive ten minutes before the class starts as the class will start on time.
• Let your Personal Trainer know as soon as you arrive if you have any injuries or special needs, this then gives the trainer time to plan for these throughout the class.
• Wear comfortable workout clothes, trainers, and be sure to bring plenty of water in case there’s no water fountain nearby.
• Although most classes include a thorough warm-up, it’s always a good idea to do a quick 5-minute jog and stretch before class begins.
• Feeling like you’re not quite up to speed? Try practicing physical moves outside of class. Do some exercises alone in a park — all you need is a bench and your body weight.
• Pre-Fuel- To keep blood sugar and energy levels high during tough moves, opt for a carb-based snack (try fruits or veggies with whole grains) an hour or two before the workout, It’s also key to stay hydrated; drinking ½ litres of water 30-60 minutes before class should do the trick. And as with any intense exercise, make sure to recover properly with a healthy carb and protein-packed snack (ideally within two hours of leaving class).
• Training session workouts are all about group camaraderie. Greet fellow exercisers with a smile and don’t be shy about shouting out encouragements, because teamwork is about motivating each other.
• Give each class 100 % to get the best results. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone and trust your personal trainer.
• Always listen to your body first and foremost. If you’ve got nothing left in the tank, or feel an injury coming on, remember that no amount of encouragement (or ego) will get you through that last rep safely. So always train smart.

The OUTFIT training classes deliver more then this list above, they teach you what it is to enjoy being healthy and how once you become to enjoy feeling great and training your mind set starts to adapt exercise doesn’t become a chore yet a fun experience, one that becomes second nature in your life.

If you have any questions, need to speak to a human to confirm the classes are for you or For further information on OUTFIT, the Body Conscious Training Camp please email us: getstarted@body-conscious.com or call 0203 2914045.

Image Source: Flickr