You probably are laughing at the idea of working 9-5pm, what a luxury that would be. If like me you work all the hours in the day, travel long distances and have many commitments then fitting in fitness can be a struggle.

Get your fitness training in when you can. Always climb up elevators, never use the lift, and always walk over catching a bus or a cab. Once you get into it, walking can often be quicker then taking a bus or cab, particularly in London.

Fitness is absolutely a necessity and you should be making time for it. It’s crucial for your health that you keep as active as possible. Making time for fitness will ultimately give you more time later in life, as you will live longer.

Make a plan and stick to it. Spend less time worrying about it and don’t give up if you fail, pick yourself up and start again.

Here’s some tips for keeping fitness in your schedule-

If you started out with the idea of turning up at 5am every weekday but found out that this was really difficult to maintain while juggling kids, work schedules and your night owl ways, then it’s time to refresh the expectations rather than completely give it all up.

1. Look at your life’s schedule. Where does fitness have a place in it? Do you really need to be there for all those TV shows? Another late Friday with people from the office? Could someone else pick up the kids? Or perhaps your cinema club or whatever is now not doing for you, what it once did and you could spend that hour doing fitness instead? There is always a little time somewhere to spare; mark down the times you will do fitness in your calendar or digital diary and don’t ignore these set times without a very good reason involving an emergency or sickness. Keeping to set hours develops a habit that you won’t let go of.

2. Make use of weird hours. If your gym is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, use those odd hours when traffic is at a standstill and you can get there in half normal time to fit in your workout. Added bonuses include ease of finding a parking space, peace and quiet and less distractions.

3. Don’t sweat the misses. Everyone misses things now and then but if you’ve started using missing sessions as a reason to never go back again, that’s just a cop out. Accept that you missed a few sessions, then get right back on that gym horse.

4. If you’ve been sick, let yourself off. Nobody should be exercising when they’re unwell, let alone spreading germs around.

5) Take a couple hours this week to review your past year in improving your health and vitality, the months that have gone great, the challenges you’ve faced and the lessons you’ve learned. This is amazing for reflection and gives you the opportunity to create better self-awareness.

Use a calendar to mark the days you made the time to get fit and healthy. When you make it a habit to reflect on your day, week, month and year it will allow you to slow down long enough to take a good look back and see just how far you’re success has come, and when you take the time to do this, you WIN.

None of the above is possible with out solid motivation and a solution to the obstacles you face. Contact me to find out about a plan that works for you:

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