Seven Myths

Do you love food? I do

You’ve probably been told to watch what you eat or else your health will suffer. And you’ve probably told your friend this, or your parents, or your kids! Often without self-control or discipline, our health would be at risk. But sometimes, all we really need is to get informed. We can do our research, Google answers, and find out for ourselves which among the things that we believe in for centuries are actual facts. But, admit it, either we have not enough time to do that, or we can be very lazy.

Our team has collected information that will change your belief about fitness. We believe in what many people believe in so much, that we didn’t know what actually is a myth or the truth. We believe them for a long time that we don’t even bother to do our own research, so we did the research for you.

Well, here are some actual myths about fitness.

  • You’ll gain weight if you eat a lot of sugar – There is some truth in this, but most people have actually decided to completely get rid of sugar in their diet. That is not good for your fitness. Through the 21 day challenge, you’ll learn about which sugar are good and which are not, and how to prepare them properly so you won’t actually gain weight.
  • You’ll lose weight if you don’t take carbs at night – Carbohydrates is a type of sugar that is found mostly on bread, rice, potatoes and pasta. Delicious right? The truth is, from the research, having carbs at night doesn’t really affect your weight unless you lack vitamins to help your body absorb it.
  • Fats are harmful to your body – Evil fats like Transfat, that is. But healthy fats are beneficial to your body. During the 21 day challenge, you’ll learn about good fats your body actually needs to keep it balanced, especially your cells.
  • Having a midnight snack is bad for you – It’s bad for you and you’ll gain weight if you take junk food. But it’s not at all bad if you replace junk food with healthy food.
  • Meat is not good for your body – Too much of it is. And guess what, there are actually healthier types of meat that you can take. You can stay healthy or lose weight by being vegetarian or by consuming meat. Sometimes it only takes a little preparation. Like soaking it in a healthy juice which is not only nutritious, it will also add flavour to it.
  • Chocolate will make you fat – You will if you have too much of it. Remember that too much of everything is bad. But do you know that chocolate can help rejuvenate your skin? There’s so much more to know if you so happen to do your research.
  • Don’t take butter if you want to be fit – We will show you how to know your good fats from bad. Like butter, is it good or bad? Better food combination is, sometimes, what you need so as not to gain weight.

Our clients’ health and fitness have greatly benefited from proper information. If you also like to benefit from it, you can join our 21-day challenge and learn more about the 7 myths I’ve just mentioned.

The 21-day challenge will start on… be sure to be there to completely learn about the truths of health. During the fitness program, our Body Coaches will help you uncover more.


Image Source: Flickr