21 Day Challenge

In losing weight, do you think completely ridding off fat and sugar in your diet is necessary? How about deciding not to have any type of meat in your diet and complete go vegetarian? Are you saying yes?

What if I tell you that you’re wrong?

All our lives we’ve believed certain dogmas that doing this and that will result into something not so good, and doing that and this will result into something good. Traditions that are actually false truths that we still believe in today. Why we believe it? It’s because everyone believes it, even the most respected person we know.

The problem with humanity is we tend to be lax in subjects that most people believed as facts for a very long time. We tend to either follow the trend, or follow the tradition without any questions or research. Perhaps it’s just laziness? Or perhaps we just thought that hey, since this respected guy says so then perhaps it is true.

I have a good news for you. Body Conscious Conditioning did a simple research that will change your life. You will realize that not all the facts that you knew all your life are true facts, but are actually false beliefs. I’m here to correct those false beliefs and inject the truth. Not yet impressed? I’d be happy to let you read the next lines.

Here are some of the things that you will learn during the 21 day challenge.

  • Carbohydrates at night in 21 days will not make you fat. Many falsely believed that carbs at night will make you gain weight. From the research it turned out that it (carbs at night) doesn’t affect your weight at all. You’ll about to find out during the challenge.
  • Fats is bad for the diet, others said. But do you know that there are actually fats what we need to take in order for our body to absorb some of the nutrients it needs? Transfat is just one of the fats that we must completely get rid of. You’ll learn about the good fats during the program.
  • Butter will not do you any good, get rid of it. Some have said that margarine is better because it is unsaturated fat, but because of the process of solidifying it, Transfat is born. That means higher bad cholesterol. So, no. Margarine is not a better butter. If you don’t like to gain weight, the key is to spread butter on nutritious food instead, just like your breakfast fruit. The program have pleasant recipes ready for you.
  • Meat equals weight gain. Do you love meat? Taking it in 21 days will not make you fat, unlike what others say. You’ll only need to learn better preparations for it and proper portions as well.
  • Diet means you will not eat food that is good for your taste buds, but not in this 21 day challenge. You’ll have free access to mouth-watering, yet very nutritious, recipes.
  • There’s a solution for back pain and joint pain – Any type of body pains caused by stress to the muscles and bad posture will be less and less, until completely gone in 21 days. That includes sports injuries.
  • Better you inside and out in 21 days. – Because of better memory, more active brain you will mentally perform better. Because of better bowel movement, controlled sugar levels, weight loss, more toned body, you will perform better physically.

It’s been verified that regular and diligent exercise not only boost your vitality, but also boost confidence. With the 21 Day Challenge you’ll impress yourself, and because of the healthy habit you’ll develop, you’ll glow inside and out…which is a way to impress your friends. So, get fit by clicking of Body Conscious Conditioning.