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With several different training programmes to choose from, these Body Conscious Personal Trainer designed programs are compatible with any budget. We focus on seven key areas for life changing results: Nutrition, Posture, Strength, Cardio, Supplementation, Flexibility, and Support. You can choose to work privately with a trainer or in a small group setting.

So let’s get your personal consultation set up so we can decide together which training style will best suit your personal fitness goals and lifestyle.

Personal Training

“Personal training is by far the most effective way to achieve your personal training targets. Using the Body Conscious Conditioning system, we will help you achieve physical transformation everyone will notice – not just you.

Let’s give you the Greatest Training Program in London – made to get you Looking Better… NOW!”

Personal training is, hands down, the most effective route to physical transformation and looking better – every time. The Body Conscious personal training system is totally bespoke. You are unique as your thumb print, after all, so your training plan is tailored according to your needs and your targets. With a Body Conscious personal trainer on side, you will benefit from their professional advice and encouragement; we’ll guide and motivate you every step of the way to success.

Our training packages deliver impressive results every time, as proven in our client testimonials. Our initial personal consultation should determine which plan is best for you. So get in touch and let’s do this!

Ideal for:

  • People in the public eye
  • Brides or grooms
  • Pre & post natal
  • Models
  • Physical Transformation
  • Learning specific training systems and styles
  • Athletes for sports performance
  • Busy Professionals
  • Improving mindset

Bonus: individual training as unique as your thumb print.