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Feeling sluggish, off-colour, drained? It could be down to what you’re eating – or not eating. Don’t drown in unreliable information or fad diets: enlist a nutrition expert to bust those myths and set you up with a sustainable and tasty food plan. Get in touch now for your personal Consultation and have a FREE fitness assessment.

Nutrition – It’s all about YOU

Feeling better doesn’t just rely on efficient training, but on understanding the core basics of food and nutrition, and getting your diet just right for you. Simply put, it’s what you put in your body and what happens to it once you consume it that determines your energy levels, your mood and your physical changes. Don’t be mystified or fooled by the surplus of fad diets and guides out there – let us guide you to safe and results-driven eating habits.

The Right Stuff

Getting nutrition right depends on two things: what you eat and how much of it you consume. To lose or maintain a healthy weight and feel tip-top both factors need close attention. In fact, eating too much of what we would consider the right foods is just as detrimental as under eating altogether. In consultation with a Body Conscious professional, you will discover a healthy and tasty nutrition plan that perfectly suits you, your budget and your lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today!

So what’s the plan?

Together we will set up a conscious and intelligent eating plan that will allow you to consume the right food groups in the right amounts, enabling you to meet your training objectives with energy and efficiency. Simple. Your first consultation with us will determine your needs and targets, and then we’ll get to work putting together a plan that suits you. Nutritional support with Body Conscious can be achieved through a couple of consultations or weekly support – face to face or by email.

You choose which works best for you.

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