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Meet Chiraag

It all started with Chiraag, who founded Body Conscious Conditioning in 1998:

I struggled with a range of health problems as a child; I was skinny, I had asthma, and suffered from back pains aggravated by playing sports. When doctors couldn’t locate any major health concerns and recommended that I avoid strenuous exercise, I was determined to find a solution independently.

I read everything I could get my hands on, from books on personal training and sports conditioning to scientific studies about biomechanics and corrective exercise. I then read everything I could find about rehabilitation therapies, diet and nutrition. Over time, I cured my back pain and healed my asthma using what I had taught myself. Today I am proud to be a fit and healthy person – it is my mission to educate people in doing the same for themselves.

Health and fitness for all

Spurred on by his personal triumphs, Chiraag went on to pursue academic studies in Exercise Science, Nutrition and Sports Therapies. His decision to become a Health and Fitness Coach was, of course, a natural progression. His passion is for coaching individuals and groups towards living fitter, healthier lifestyles. His key job satisfaction lies in improving quality of life through a range of health and fitness solutions, all tailored to meet the individual needs of his clients.

His approach to health and fitness is fun, professional and inclusive; he encourages commitment and success in everyone he works with.

“Wow, I really regret that workout” – No one. Ever.

Time to take a good look at yourself – your body, your mind and your soul. Self discipline is the purest – the highest – form of self respect, so time to show your body some well earned respect. The effects will radiate from the inside out. Time to find yourself again, through hard work, good fun and determination. Remember: you earn your body. Nobody’s going to give you the physique you want except you.

You can find Chiraag’s most recent feature in page 9 of the Asian Voice newspaper here.