Admit it. Before the end of 2014, most of us started to promise ourselves that we will invest more time on fitness. Some planned to finally go to the gym, some planned to have early morning run.

For the past few weeks most of us are so excited for this fitness goal that we have. Many aim to get abs in a couple of months, or lose some pounds before the end of January. But now, the hangover of the holiday season is over and we are all back to the busy world of work. Back to reality! Now, the New Year hype of starting things right in 2015 is, unfortunately, starting to die down. How is our fitness goal going?

There are only two reasons why our fitness goal or exercises never works out the way we planned it. First, we really don’t want to spend enough time for this. And second, we really don’t have enough desire to look good.

Investing Time on Fitness

Think about stress. How it’s making you feel bad, how it’s slowly destroying you? We can’t say that we don’t have time to exercise because we already have a lot of stress going on in our day to day lives. Mind you, exercise is not another stressor, it can actually help you get rid of it!

I exercise to release stress. With stress there is anxiety that could even lead to mental health problems like addiction or depression. Exercise helps me ease my mind despite the everyday stressors…this is my escape. An escape that results into something better. – B. R.

Feel Good to Look Good

Who doesn’t want to look good? If you’re tired of what you feel about yourself when you look in front of the mirror, don’t you think it’s time to do something about it?

I work out because I want to look good even without my shirt on. That, was before though. Now I do it because I just want to stay healthy. – B.W.

My friends always come out of the gym walking like the men of Sparta. This is because they feel good, they feel like they are warriors, they feel like they are Spartans!

Regular exercise, whether that be in the gym or running outside, doesn’t only improve your sleeping habit, it also helps boosts the ‘good’ cholesterol HDL or high-density lipoprotein. It also stimulates brain chemicals that helps improve your mood making you feel relax and happier. This is the reason why you often feel good after a good run. It will improve your endurance and muscle strength. So, even if you still haven’t reach your goal to have wonderful looking abs, fitness activities can already help you in the process by making you feel good. Who wouldn’t want that?

Now do you really want to look good? Do you really want to feel good? Then do something about it and invest your time on fitness! If your plan never works, try hiring a professional trainer to help you out. Professional trainers can help you be more disciplined and focused.

The Body Conscious Conditioning team offers programs according to your needs. We are here to help you reach your fitness goals.

Image Source: Flickr