Bootcamp is a scary word for most people, but it’s actually not. It is in fact the opposite, because this is the type of fitness training where you can actually have fun!

Yes it means serious training, especially if it’s coupled with the understanding of the SAID principle, but it can never be boring. Leave the boredom at the gym, because training outdoors is exciting!

The Principle

The SAID principle is an acronym for ‘Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands’. Your body can adapt to whatever you want to achieve. If you want to learn a new skill, your brain can adapt. It is the best way to burn your limitations.

Bootcamps are usually held outdoors in groups, rain or shine. If your goal is to lose weight, stay fit, change your lifestyle, or have endurance, you can train your body to achieve that. All you need is to burn your limitations, and joining a bootcamp or an OUT-FIT group training camp is perfect for that.


  • The Benefits

I need to repeat some of what I’ve mentioned here earlier. So, the benefits of an OUT-FIT camp according to Body Conscious Conditioning are; weight loss, cardiovascular fitness enhancement, increasing body power, injury rehabilitation and of course, good fun.


  • On Adaptation

Since you are going to be a part of a team in OUT-FIT camps, you can either get praises and cheers from new friends, or a challenge from a competition.

Adaptation is faster if you have something or someone to keep you pushing. Be it from encouragement when you thought you’ve had enough, or pushing yourself because you want to win. It is according to your perspective of it, either way you win.


  • The Fun in Demands

There is no fun in meeting demands especially when laziness seeps in. Each milestone can be hard to reach, most specially if you lack the reason to.

Bootcamps means joining a group of people who have the same goal as you. There’s nothing more fun that working together and progressing together. With that given, you will have more reason to go the extra mile.


Your body will adapt specifically to whatever you train it to do. You can train for a better lifestyle. You can train yourself to be stronger, to be better in anything. Now all you need to do is start making necessary changes in your life and do your part.

You don’t know how or when to begin? Body Conscious Conditioning have the best trainers that can help you attain whatever specific demands you need to attain. Accentuate the SAID principle in your life today and join their OUT-FIT group personal training class.

Image Source: Flickr