How SAID Principle Can Help You Live A Better Life

The truth about Darwin’s theory, the Theory of Evolution, is that all of us can adapt to change. Change is may be inevitable, but adaptable. Whatever it is that may happen in the world to come, or to you in the future, you can always adapt. our body can adapt to our environment, and we can even adapt to whatever it is we condition our minds to be. We can be whatever we want to be or do whatever we want to be as long as we condition our minds to it. This is what the SAID Principle is all about.

SAID Principle literally means “Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands”. Now, you probably get what this really means just by reading the paragraph above… but in order to help you understand the essence of this principle, we must answer this question. How can this principle help you have a healthier, fitter body?

Your Body Can Be Great.

The Christians believed that Jesus is the Great. He is Son of God. But if you study His life more carefully you’ll learn that he never achieved his greatness in an instant. He received it grace for grace. He developed gradually until he became the Great. We can see other examples as we study the lives of other Great men. Alexander the Great learned in his youth, Michael Phelps did strenuous trainings, Michael Jordan shoot many hoops before he became great, and you… you can do that, too… even if your first name is not Michael or Alexander. The key here is to condition your mind and your body to be great. Perfecting your practice indeed makes perfect.

Your Body Can and Will Progress

Nobody knows how to talk as soon as he is born. We are all born naked and dependent, with only some skills to survive, cry when hungry. And as we grow older we learn more and more skills necessary to live. Our brain have so many room for learning, for progression. Our brains can adapt. It develops as we grow. The natural human development, the natural growth, is progress already. As change is inevitable, so is progress… and so are results. If we so happen to be disciplined with ourselves to learn what we want to learn or we must learn, we will eventually get it. If you want to become a lawyer, study! Allow your brain to progress. If you want to feel good about yourself and be fit, then exercise! Allow your body to progress. Remember that results are inevitable, if you want good results, then start doing something good right now.

You Can Succeed

You know, you don’t have to be great to have a better body. But greatness and success is unavoidable if you are constantly progressing. You will eventually succeed, nothing will stop you from getting that! But to do that, you must first learn the basics. Start small, then gradually advance to a much higher or much complex subject. As Isaiah put it, precept upon precept, line upon line here a little and there a little. Do you want to run faster? Strengthen your legs first! Do you want to feel good and be fit? Go outside and run. If you want the ball to always make it to the hoop, start shooting hoops! Your body will never attain success or greatness, you will never even progress, if you fail to make the first step. The SAID principle starts with small steps, the baby steps. With this principle, Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands, you’ll eventually have a better body. Little by little you’ll experience it. It is attainable, it is inevitable. Start right now and notice the change. become fit for life.

Image Source: Flickr