Do you want to know how to have a sexy body while having fun, amidst your busy schedule? Do you want to try new things or perhaps want new challenges? Do you want to learn more about your body, understand how it works, and understand yourself better?

If you’re a busy professional or if you say yes to all of those questions then this 90 Day Challenge is for you. This program by Body Conscious Conditioning (BCC) in London is proven to work by using simplicity. This company focuses on the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple and Smile). The BCC wants to encourage self-awareness to help your body perform better and be rejuvenated through exercise, health instructions and proper nutrition. To know more about how the program works, I’ll tell you some of the benefits.

Here are some of the things that will happen if you accept the 90 Day Challenge:

1. You’ll get stronger, better.

2. You’ll lose weight and get fit.

3. You will not only look sexier but you’ll feel sexy during the process.

4. You’ll develop a good habit, a healthy one, and you’ll learn how to keep it.

5. You’ll have a healthy strict diet in 90 days. It’s worth it.

6. If you have body posture problems, it’ll be fixed in less than 90 days.

7. If you have body pains (lower back pains, injuries), it’ll be fixed in less than 90 days.

8. You’ll have more self-confidence.

9. You’ll work with a good company. – Training with a group of people and watching everyone progress as you do is a great motivator.


Do this 90 Day Challenge, and you will rule your body continually. It’s going to be easy to pick out healthy food than choose unhealthy ones. It’s going to be easy to choose to go out and do a quick run in the morning rather than just sleep in. Once you’re used to doing something, a healthy habit or not, it’s going to be hard to take it away, hence, the SAID Principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands). If you really want to be sexy and feel sexy, then start the good habit to achieve that.

The 90 Day Challenge by Body Conscious Conditioning will start on the 30th day of April, at the SJP (Silver Jubilee Park).

Image Source: Flickr