90 Day Challenge

The 90 Day Challenge is a workout plan tailored for everyone. Yes, it is the best program for any fitness levels. In the span of 90 days, you’ll guaranteed to melt up 10 pounds of fat off your body. In the span of 90 days, you’ll get more toned safely and naturally. There will be no complicated equipment, thank goodness, just simple exercises that you can follow through.


Think about the KISS Principle (Keep It Simple and Smile). You will be training at your own pace, no sweat! And eventually the intensity will increase as you continue to get stronger and better. As your body adapts, and demands more, we will add up to it. That’s the SAID Principle (Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands). And the most beautiful part of it all, is a chance to train outdoors together with people who have the same goal as you are. Training with friends and socializing is the best motivation there is.

You are always informed about the good things, so now I’ll tell you about the bad things for a change. The team of Body Conscious Conditioning in London has proven that it’s possible to reveal the real you in 90 days. The coaching is reliable and up to date. Below are some of the things that will never happen if you decide not to join the 90 Day Challenge;

1. You will never know how strong you can become. – This program will help you get stronger as you continue to shed more fat and tone up.

2. You’ll never know how it’s like to shed some extra pounds fast while having fun. – It’s fun to train with like-minded people, especially to observe how you all improve together.

3. You will never know how to remain sexy after 90 days. – This challenge will get you educated enough that you’ll know what to do to stay fit even after 90 days.

4. You’ll never know how it’s like to feel sexy. – It’s been proven that even during the process, the clients who accepted the challenge feel sexier every after each session.

5. You’ll never know that you can develop a good habit in 90 days and keep it afterwards. – 90 days is long enough for a person to keep a habit that he or she established.

6. You’ll never know how why a healthy strict diet in 90 days is worth it. – Included in this challenge is learning about which food to eat and not to eat, and it’s going to be worth it.

7. You’ll never know that you can fix your body posture in less than 90 days. – It’s guaranteed that the professional trainers will help you attain and keep a proper body posture before the end of 90 days.

8. You’ll never know that you can fix your body pains in less than 90 days. – This program had proven enough, with the help of professionals that strained muscles that are causing you pain is worth fixing.

9. You’ll never have more self-confidence than what you have now. – Men often felt like they are a one of the 300 Spartan men every time they come out of the gym. In the case of women, well you’ll fell sexier each time after every session.

10. You will never understand and know how to utilize the feel good chemicals. – This program will help you learn how your training release chemicals in your brain (endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, etc.) for your own benefit.


So, do you still think that the 90 Day Challenge is not worth it? Don’t you want to enjoy while getting fit? If you’re still undecided, keep this information in case you change your mind; the first session of this challenge by Body Conscious Conditioning will be held on the 30th day of April, at the SJP (Silver Jubilee Park). Be a part of it and let’s get fit together!

Image Source: Flickr