Coaching and sports therapy

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If you’re already fighting fit and want to enhance your performance like the professionals do or if you’ve just come back from injury and want to make sure you turn that weakness into a strength, we’ll develop a program to support you. With one of our coaches on side, individuals and groups will be able to run, jump, throw and move much more fluidly and efficiently in their chosen activity. Drawing upon a combination of coaching and sports therapy techniques, your Body Conscious Coach will help to improve the core function of your body, eliminating aches and pains in the process. Join us to discover an invigorated new you.

Coaching you to your Personal Best

Want to perform better? Let one of our coaches propel you to your optimum physical performance in any sport or physical activity. Specifically designed for individuals and groups who want to improve and advance their performance capabilities, our coaches are experienced in coaching you to your peak performance in:

Sports Therapy

Those niggling pains you might experience during or after exercise are all signs of unbalanced muscles and joints And that’s bad news. Achieve optimum equilibrium with Body Conscious sports therapy. Using a combination of techniques, we can help you perform better in the gym, on the track, pitch or court. Physical therapy will aid the movement of your body, assist recovery of injured muscles, prevent further injury and improve weak movement patterns.

Our qualified therapists will use MAT, ART and deep tissue massage, encouraging joint stability, reducing muscle tightness and restoring your body to its rightful alignment. The outcome? Less pain and less chance of further injury.

Bridging the Gap

If you’re already suffering with an injury from sports, the gym or from occupational hazards, we can still help. Our sports therapy techniques will reduce recovery time and speed up the healing process. You’ll be back in action in no time, with less chance of repeat injury.

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